Why Security Is More Important Than Ever

Fri, 02/07/2020 - 17:42

The Modern World of Security

In today's world, the security of your data, applications, and accounts is more important than ever. Having strong security measures built into your cloud strategy is necessary for keeping sensitive and proprietary data stored online safe from malicious third parties. Successfully migrating your data infrastructure to the cloud requires that you analyze all the key aspects of the system, as well as plan for prevention and protection against security threats.

Here are three industry-leading approaches that can help technology leaders achieve better security in the cloud:

  • Customizable Web Security Rules
  • Threat Detection Services
  • Client Application Exposure Assessments

These tools can become paramount in the never ending battle of cyber-security. Data breaches alone exposed 4.1 billion records in the first half of 2019. This staggering number is a testament to the willful effort required to maintain a secure and efficient application. Services such as AWS WAF, GuardDuty, and Inspector, provide crucial security services. Find out why these services will integrate seamlessly into your application and boost your security through 2020.


AWS utilizes their Web Application Firewall (WAF) to allow you to manage the availability and security of your web applications or websites deployed within your AWS environment, and protect applications from commonly used web exploits. These exploits often affect security, availability, and resource costs. By giving you control over how traffic reaches your website, you can block common attack patterns. WAF also defines a pre-configured set of rules managed by AWS or its partners that address a variety of issues including the OWASP Top 10 Security Risks.

This cost-effective option protects you from malicious exploits that could damage the functionalities of your web applications. Other available AWS services can be integrated with AWS WAF for a consolidated billing system that only charges you for what you make use of.

The use of AWS WAF has been proven time and time again. As seen by CFO Hub and their security scaling issues, using AWS WAF and Stratus10’s expertise they were able to implement a high scalable solution that secured their application. The result allowed them to create a custom solution that was deployable across multiple availability zones.

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AWS WAF offers a much more accessible medium of deployment and maintenance, without the need for additional software, through an automated API featured on the service. After integrating AWS WAF within your cloud infrastructure, the real-time visibility feature can be used to garner improved web traffic availability. Creating an agile and dynamic solution is the foundation of WAF. With successes like CFO Hub, YB Inc, and D2 nova, the track record is strong. Find out more about how you can utilize WAF in your application.

AWS GuardDuty

AWS GuardDuty serves as a threat detection service that monitors your applications for malicious behavior as well as unauthorized activity, keeping the bad guys out. While manual monitoring of event log data for security purposes can be time consuming, AWS GuardDuty provides a continuous and automatic threat detection system. These easy-to-use and industry leading machine learning systems continually adapt to the ever-changing world of cyber security to give you peace of mind around your applications’ safety.

Optimized for the cloud, AWS GuardDuty proactively detects and protects against potential threats in your database to prevent cases of compromising vulnerabilities. Through custom rules, you can safeguard your entire infrastructure by searching for anomalies and categorizing the threats found based on their severity. Any unauthorized deployments within your cloud infrastructure can be found and contained by GuardDuty to help protect your AWS resources. All these features are automated, without the need for client supervision, through the use of APIs, CloudWatch Events, and CLI tools. 

There is no better way to prove its effectiveness than tangible results. D2 Nova, an IP Communications company, was in need of an automated and adaptable security system that would protect their AWS accounts and workloads. Without the ability to monitor these threats, the accounts and workloads would be susceptible to intrusion.

A secure system is a fundamental piece of a successful application. AWS GuardDuty has a user interface that makes threat detection and diagnosis a smooth and efficient process. AWS GuardDuty gives you an actionable system that is easy to use and very effective.

AWS Inspector

AWS Inspector is Amazon Web Service's automated security assessment that focuses on improvement of security and compliance of your application on AWS. AWS Inspector handles common security issues that can make your applications susceptible to exploit vulnerabilities by threats. AWS user resources are fully analyzed through the use of the CVE database, which references all the vulnerabilities available.

A full report with links detailing the security vulnerabilities are presented to users for containment; the user needs to perform regular and accurate security assessments for updated safety. AWS Inspector is a way to achieve this at scale, while improving your overall Amazon security and compliance.

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The value of Inspector comes in its adaptability. In Amazon Inspector, rules are grouped into distinct rules packages either by category, severity, or pricing. This gives you dynamic choices for the kinds of analysis that you can perform. For example, Amazon Inspector offers a large number of rules that you can use to assess your applications. But you might want to include a smaller subset of the available rules to target a specific area of concern or to uncover specific security problems. Companies with large IT departments might want to determine whether their application is exposed to any security threat. Others might want to focus only on issues with the severity level of High

Gaining Control

The best security practices, rules, and features are integrated into these AWS services to expose all vulnerabilities throughout entire systems. Proactive measures are required for proper detection and elimination of threats on your systems. Without the necessary security measures, you’d leave your entire operation open to unforeseen security vulnerabilities. When utilized properly, AWS WAF, Guard Duty, and Inspector can help you streamline your security assessments and effectively guard against any security exploits. 

Taking control of your environment is the essence of what we do best at Stratus10. Our team of experienced cloud experts prides itself in a wide range of cloud services from solution architecting to vulnerability testing. Find out how we can help you create a customized and secure environment to help propel your business to new heights.

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