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Driving Innovation for the Automotive Industry
The automotive industry has seen a significant transformation in recent years. From autonomous (self-driving) cars to artificial intelligence-fueled software that have revolutionized the automotive ecosystem for suppliers, manufacturers, dealers, engineers, and consumers. Stratus10 has hands-on experience migrating and modernizing companies in the automotive space and helping them significantly scale their cloud operations.
Reinvent with AWS
Facing industry-wide transformation, companies are rethinking traditional approaches by tapping into new capabilities afforded by the cloud. Stratus10's team of certified AWS experts helps you find and implement the right tools to accelerate your launches.
Continuous Innovation
Our iterative approach includes recurring planning sessions to help you drive continuous improvements for your infrastructure and workloads.
Cloud-Native Solutions
A team of certified AWS experts at your disposal to provide guidance with best practices to improve your infrastructure and proactively work with you as you build out your cloud roadmap.
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Amazon Partner Network (APN) Advanced Tier Consulting Partner

We’re an AWS Advanced Tier consulting partner helping SaaS companies build scalable and secure cloud infrastructures while implementing best practices.  We specialize in security, migration services, cost optimization, and DevOps automation to help our clients take full advantage of the latest technologies AWS has to offer.

Industry Case Study
Data Center Migration and Build Automation

Advent Resources produces innovative and practical Dealer Management Solutions for the automotive industry. Their software manages and integrates accounting, sales, service, CRM, and parts inventory for auto dealerships and custom solutions for fleet providers. 

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