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Stratus10's Managed DevOps Service
Our team has been successfully architecting and implementing automated DevOps processes at scale for many years. We’re here to help you take advantage of the power of DevOps automation in order to scale and optimize your deployment process.

Our Managed DevOps Service is a fully-managed service designed to help you architect, implement, maintain, and optimize a DevOps process that best fits your business needs and goals. We will manage and grow your DevOps process as your needs grow, all at a fraction of the cost of hiring and managing your own team.
Fully Managed Service
Our Managed DevOps Service is a fully managed DevOps service that allows you and your team to focus on optimizing your application code and building more and better features.
Our team of experts will develop a DevOps strategy that is best suited for your application and business goals. From the right way to manage application code commits, pull requests, and hotfixes to defining a road map for future pipeline enhancements, our team will manage it all for you.
Faster Delivery
Confidently deliver more frequent updates to your application while minimizing bugs and issues with your code. Our team will build automation for your Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes to enable your team to quickly build and deploy your applications.
Continuous Innovation
Stay up to speed with the latest practices and processes for continuous integration and continuous delivery including microservices, containers, and container management platforms. Our iterative approach includes recurring planning sessions to help you drive continuous improvements to your DevOps process.
Built-In Security
Incorporating security into your CI/CD pipeline will help you minimize security risks in a proactive manner which will result in a better customer experience and peace of mind. Stratus10 will design and implement a DevSecOps plan to integrate security best practices as part of your DevOps process and adjust them as your application needs grow.
Expert Support
Think of us as an extension of your team. From providing guidance around code management and CI/CD best practices to planning a long-term strategy to allow your CI/CD process to grow with your application needs, our dedicated team of AWS-certified solutions architects and engineers are here to help and work hand-in-hand with your team.
AWS DevOps Competency
aws devops competency badge

AWS DevOps Competency Partners have demonstrated expertise in delivering DevOps solutions on AWS. Leveraging AWS, Stratus10 accelerates time to market and optimizes each stage of the software development lifecycle utilizing DevOps automation best practices.

AWS Competency Partners offer a range of services and technology solutions to simplify provisioning and managing infrastructure, deploying application code, automating software release processes, monitoring application and infrastructure performance to accelerate time to market, and optimize each stage of the software development lifecycle with the practice of DevOps.

What is included?
Our Managed DevOps Service includes the following:
DevOps Assessment & Strategy
Our team will devise a set of recommendations and roadmap that includes Continuous Integration best practices, version control management strategy, Continuous Delivery pipelines, and quality control automation.
CI/CD Automation
Automation of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes to enable your team to quickly build and deploy your applications. Stratus10's team will provide the DevOps automation needed to help you speed up every step of your application build and deployment process.
App Modernization
Stratus10's App Modernization services yields a range of benefits for organizations looking for infrastructure that is built to last. Our expert team will design and implement a solution to modernize your applications by utilizing containers and cloud-native solutions.
Project Management
Stratus10 will provide a dedicated Project Manager to plan and track project progress. The Project Manager will coordinate with your team to schedule recurring status update calls as well as any necessary working sessions with the engineering team.
Troubleshooting & Support
Stratus10 will help troubleshoot and remediate any issues related to the CI/CD pipelines, the build, and deployment process so you don't have to worry about it.
Infrastructure as Code
Stratus10 will build and manage infrastructure for the CI/CD pipeline using code so your DevOps process can be managed via code which will make it easier to reproduce and track changes.
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