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The Power of Logistics on AWS
Logistics and supply chain companies, both local and global, have become more confident in the AWS cloud for good reasons. The flexibility and power of cloud services provided by AWS can significantly improve the efficiency of supply chain management. Stratus10 has been helping logistics and supply chain companies overcome the challenges of adopting the cloud while keeping the integrity and security of their data.
We work with you to leverage the cloud as a strategic business advantage that goes beyond technical benefits and generates positive business outcomes.
Managed Infrastructure
Fully Managed Cloud Services provides you with a team of AWS Certified cloud architects, engineers, and networking experts to monitor, maintain, and secure your infrastructure so your team doesn't have to
Built-In Security
We understand that security is job zero when it comes to protecting your data. Security is incorporated as part of every step of our solutions.
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Amazon Partner Network (APN) Advanced Tier Consulting Partner

We’re an AWS Advanced Tier consulting partner helping companies build scalable and secure cloud infrastructures while implementing best practices.  We specialize in security, migration services, cost optimization, and DevOps automation to help our clients take full advantage of the latest technologies AWS has to offer.

Case Studies
The following are some of the success stories for logistics and supply chain companies that have benefited from working with us and AWS.
Data Center Migration
Prime Time Produce bid out the project to four separate vendors, each proposing a different solution and sometimes different Cloud Provider. In the end, Prime Time Produce chose AWS and Stratus10 as their implementation partner. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Stratus10 has proven that by working with an experienced AWS Partner in an in-house IT team, migrations onto the AWS Cloud can be performed with minimal disruption to a business and completed both on-time and without budget overruns.
Migration of Windows Application Servers
Stratus10 assisted GB International in designing and implementing a highly-available, secure, and scalable solution for their application and web servers across multiple AWS regions. The solution provided them with a highly available infrastructure to host their applications while allowing uninterrupted connectivity for their users abroad. As an added bonus GB International saved an additional 62% of the cost compared to their data center spending.
Highly Available Infrastructure
Stratus10 assisted Boxton by designing and building a secure and reliable solution on AWS. The solution was designed and built using AWS's Well-Architected best practices. It included a three-tier network infrastructure across multiple availability zones and load balancers in order to achieve high availability and scalability. The solution was built using infrastructure-as-code automation which allows Boxton to maintain and manage their infrastructure using best practices.
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