Managed AWS Services

Professional Cloud Management Services
Monitoring and maintaining your infrastructure requires significant time and resources. This can be a constant distraction to your engineers and developers who should be focusing their time on building and improving your applications.

Stratus10's Cloud Management Services provides a team of AWS Certified cloud architects, engineers, and networking experts to monitor, maintain, secure, and optimize your infrastructure so your team doesn't have to.
Fully Managed
Our AWS Managed Service is a fully managed service that allows you and your team to focus on optimizing your application code and building more and better features.
Lower Risk
Having a team of AWS certified solutions architects monitoring and managing your infrastructure translates into significantly lower operational overhead and minimized risk. Not to mention additional time to focus on your applications and customer satisfaction.
Continuous Optimization
Stratus10 employs a unique combination of enterprise-grade tools and solutions architects (people) to continuously analyze your infrastructure. Our solutions architects spend the time to understand the nuances of your application and infrastructure in order to provide the best recommendations to optimize your environment.

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Enterprise Grade Management Tools
Stratus10 offers enterprise-grade management tools to help you monitor and analyze your infrastructure for performance, security, and cost while staying ahead of any issues.
New Relic
Enhanced infrastructure monitoring

Our team uses New Relic, the leading observability platform, to help you find, visualize, and better understand your infrastructure so that you can deliver better solutions to your end customers.

Advanced Cost Optimization

Providing visibility and insight to lower costs requires in-depth analysis of resource utilization and an understanding of the purpose of the application. Stratus10 employs a combination of the leading cost analysis platform, CloudCheckr, and human expertise to provide the best fitting recommendations to optimize cost while maintaining performance.

Trend Micro
Ongoing Security Checks

Stratus10 uses Trend Micro's sophisticated cloud security tooling to check for nearly 1,000 cloud service configuration best practices and provide you with comprehensive visibility into your infrastructure security along with remediation recommendations.

What's Included?
Enhanced Monitoring
Enhanced monitoring, logging, and alerting of your infrastructure resources using a combination of New Relic and AWS CloudWatch.
Scheduled Maintenance
Scheduled maintenance of infrastructure resources including operating system patching, resource inventory management, and backups.
Cost Optimization
Monthly cost optimization analysis, reporting, and recommendation review with our expert team to help you determine how to maximize performance and minimize costs.
Monthly security scans and reporting using Trend Micro's scanning tools against common Frameworks such as SOC2, NIST, HIPAA, FEDRAMP, CIS, GDPR, and PCI DSS.
Resource Provisioning
Help provisioning new AWS resources such as additional EC2 instances, RDS instances, VPC Peering connections, SSL Certificates, and S3 buckets.
Networking Support
Support troubleshooting networking issues such as VPN connectivity, route tables, security groups, and peering connections by a team with decades of experience managing IT infrastructure.
Expert Guidance
A team of certified AWS experts at your disposal to provide guidance with best practices to improve your infrastructure and proactively work with you as you build out your cloud roadmap.
Monthly Reviews
Monthly reviews with our engineering team to provide visibility on the state of your infrastructure with respect to performance, security, cost, and optimization.
Quick Response Times
Fast response times from the moment an issue is submitted to the moment it is resolved. 100% of incidents have been resolved within our SLA commitments.


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