Enhance EdTech + eLearning with Specialized ML and Data Science

Thu, 08/12/2021 - 12:14

AWS machine learning and other AI services enable a variety of features in the modern edtech ecosystem. Educators can customize each user’s path through coursework, predict when knowledge gaps may occur, seamlessly scale content to millions of users; and beyond. By focusing on improving the learning experience and driving data-backed decisions with AWS, Edtech is better prepared to improve learning for all.

Enhance EdTech + eLearning with Specialized ML and Data Science

Education has its own rhythm. The AWS Cloud enables you to scale to meet the cyclical demands of education with confidence. Be assured that capacity will be rapidly available to support your business and users’ needs anywhere in the world, anytime. Aside from being the largest and arguably most flexible cloud service, AWS offers the broadest and deepest set of machine learning services to start modernizing environments. Using ML/AI, education leaders can continuously modernize and better serve e-learning communities with scalability and increased engagement. 

Using AWS you can easily access machine learning and other AI services to enable a variety of features in the modern edtech ecosystem. Educators can customize each user and their features. The scalability benefits also help use machine learning to cater to each student's experience using cloud-based services.

Amazon Translate is one simple service organizations can use to deliver a better experience for all students that use it. Companies can utilize machine translation with automated speech recognition (ASR) to translate audio into text in real-time. Captioning has become so common as technology becomes more accessible and is also used to take e-learning across platforms such as mobile, web, and more.

Using Amazon Translate, edtech can take curriculum or text in any language and translate it into machine-readable code. The machine then takes that code and translates it into a different language. Machine translation is also used with automated speech recognition (ASR) to translate audio into text in real-time. Creating these two services integrated together allows for machine translation.

Accelerating Innovation with ML and Machine Intelligence 

For innovative education leaders, setting the pace is everything.  By leveraging AWS services, such as content delivery, database, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and digital end-user engagement services, your team can build faster, better, and more accessible solutions for educators.

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There is no one-size-fits-all approach to an ideal approach to using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). AWS is making AI and ML technologies more accessible with managed services that let all skillsets - from novice to expert -  embed intelligence into their applications. This has led to innovative use cases for AI and ML in education, such as helping predict student turnover. 

 Ivy Tech Community College (ITCC) is the largest community college in the United States. About 170,000 students register for classes each year, and the school keeps enrollment open for two years—whether or not a student is actively taking classes—leading to an ongoing student database with about 1.7 million records. Ivy Tech uses an Amazon Redshift data warehouse to analyze its student data proactively, and help students who are at risk of dropping out before it’s too late. ITCC can now predict with over 80% accuracy which students are likely to fail a course within the first two weeks of class.

Data science services with AWS can also help improve students' experience with more equitable learning practices. Improve accessibility by accelerating transcription and adding voice-over to text and image content at scale. Deliver a personal experience by tailored learning content and create nudges to support learning experiences with

Client Case Study: Automation in Edtech on AWS

Automation is only as useful as the goals you hope to accomplish. From automating DevOps for faster releases to automating security access management for an ever-growing organization. Education leaders benefit from ML/AI, automation, and containerized solutions across the AWS ecosystem.

Peachjar, an edtech leader, was searching for a solution to running specialized machine learning and data science workloads on an elastically scalable, cost-efficient platform. Their existing system of virtual machines required excessive maintenance and was both difficult to scale and difficult to replicate, as well as cost-inefficient.

For Peachjar, containers helped perform a smooth delivery of the Elastic Kubernetes Service solution that meet all of their scaling, cost, and performance targets.  Other services such as CloudFormation, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild, and AWS CodePipeline also provided a highly duplicatable solution that allows the customer to reliably deliver the solution across environments easily and quickly.  

Benefits of containerization and automation

By using Elastic Kubernetes Service, Peachjar was able to start their offering by launching 2-3 times faster than if they used multiple EC2 instances.   Launching a cluster on AWS is typically much faster than booting up an Ubuntu VM from a template and adding that instance to an already running EC2.

A container is an open industry standard that allows the packaging and deployment of application software in a virtual environment isolated from other applications. Containers and virtual machines have similar resource isolation and allocation benefits but function differently because containers virtualize the operating system instead of hardware.  Containers can also allow one application to run on multiple hosts and are more portable and efficient. Containers also enable data persistence so they can be rebooted without losing their state.

For machine learning, containers enable developers to quickly scale machine learning models for training and inference and run them close to data sources on any platform AWS offers the ability to use automation with containers. By automating containers, edtech leaders can reap the benefits of added scalability with ever-changing resources across legacy apps.

Start Reaping the Benefits of ML and Machine Intelligence with AWS

AWS is transforming the nature of IT operations across Edtech. It's no longer just about keeping everything running; it's now also about enabling transparent developer access to infrastructure without privileged credentials, seamless movement of containers from dev through test to production and large-scale automation for continuous improvement.

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