3 Reasons Why You Need Data Storage Solutions In 2020

Fri, 12/20/2019 - 18:09

As we approach 2020, Data is becoming larger than ever. According to Sagiss, the world’s data will grow by 50X in the next decade. In essence, this means there will be an ever-growing cost for data. What does this means for technology and business leaders? It's increasingly important to manage and control the size, storage, cost, and recovery systems of data in order to run a business with optimized control and minimized costs.

Data Storage Basics

Gaining flexible and adaptable control over company data can be priceless. Often times, companies do not realize the discrepancies in their data management plans and their actual usage. It can be challenging to fully understand how to assess and approach your companies specific data needs.

Data Storage Management Includes:

  • File Storage
  • Data Access
  • Data Security
  • Storage Costs
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Data Recovery

While the aspects of data control are seemingly infinite, it is important to know what you can control. By having management oversight over major data storage factors, companies can utilize resources efficiently, safely, and in-line with industry best practices.

1. Cost Control

Cost can often be the most critical factor in data decisions. As data continues to grow exponentially, there is the increasing risk that companies can rack up unnecessary costs for data storage. In addition, many companies are opting to backup their important data. In turn, the more you back up, the more it costs.

Implementing a cost effective, tailored solution is the best way to adhere to optimization. Stratus10 offers an array of solutions that are customized to fit your data needs and storage goals. With our solutions, you can save money while simultaneously maximizing your data storage effectiveness.

2. Vulnerability Protection

Data has become more vulnerable than ever, however, with the right approach you can be protected from threats of breach.

As an AWS partner and Solutions Integrator, Stratus10 prides itself in approaching data and security with a "fail-safe" approach. This means, including safe-hazards into planning for the worst case scenario for protection and recovery of a companies' data. When data is breached, critical and costly scenarios can result as a consequence. Capital One suffered a breach in 2019 that impacted over 100 million individuals.

The Capital One breach highlights the need to ensure that enterprises who host their data in the cloud know how to correctly assess and configure their cloud resources to protect their data. Solutions integrators like Stratus10 can help companies uphold best practices to protect data assets even during a breach.

3. Recovery Options

Data recovery solutions include:

  • Scale-able Data Plans
  • Cost Minimizing Storage
  • Data Disaster Recovery Options
  • Flexible Storage Plans

With an infinite amount of data that is only growing, data storage solutions will be increasingly important for companies to implement and manage. Recovery is an empirical part of planning any data storage solution. It is also key to plan data storage and recovery into any cloud migration when determining the storage and cloud configuration to be used and the best way to migrate your data to the cloud. A proper assessment can identify ways to streamline data storage that allows storage to scale with optimized costs as you continue to accrue data.

Data storage solutions in 2020

For a business to be successful, it's becoming necessary to have a handle on managing the size, storage, cost, and recovery systems of data. Understanding how to store data for optimal costs in the cloud will be key as companies and their data load continue to grow. With its increasing value comes the threat of breach, and planning protection and recovery of data can help companies avoid costly crises.


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Get in touch with a cloud expert today to discuss how Stratus10 can help!
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