Solution: Image Builder Automation

Solution: Image Builder Automation
With today's growing need for rapid iteration and secure application deployment comes the need for an automated way to build customized and secure, hardened AMIs. Stratus10's Image Builder Automation solution offers a best-in-class automated solution to consistently build custom AMIs that are secure, auditable and easily integrated into your application deployment process.

Implementing automation to create hardened AMIs will minimize your risk exposure, reduce time to market, and improve application reliability by embedding security best practices as an early step of your software development life cycle, thus leading to better customer satisfaction.
Step Up Your Automation Flow
Improve your software development life cycle by incorporating an automated process to build Amazon Machine Images (AMIs).
Hardened OS Images
Minimize your attack surface by maintaining a hardened Operating System that complies with established security standards.
Keep Track of Changes
Manage your operating system hardened configuration as code and keep track of changes or easily revert to previous versions.


aws packaged solution
Quick Implementation

The solution is pre-packaged for a quick implementation saving you days or even weeks. 

aws cost optimization
Reduction in Effort and Cost

Minimize the efforts of hardening an OS image by up to 90% by managing all security aspects of an AMI in one place.

multi operating system
Multi-OS Support

The solution is versatile enough to support most of the popular Operating Systems and versions.

Stratus10's Image Builder Automation solution is an automated way to build and maintain AWS EC2 AMIs that can fit into existing and new pipelines, and it is useful for iterating and keeping track of changes. The solution creates bespoke AMI's based on your specific needs. All changes and configurations are maintained as code and driven via AWS CodePipeline and EC2 Image Builder.

The solution is useful for security updates, integration with software deployment, and is compatible with any Operating System that supports the AWS Systems Manager agent. The solution is fully customizable and auditable as it automatically writes logs to CloudWatch Log Groups and S3 artifacts. The solution is quickly deployed and customized via CloudFormation templates.

  1. Requirements Gathering
    Stratus10 works with your team to identify and understand the current image building process and implementation requirements.
  2. Security Considerations
    Stratus10 works with your security team to identify application security and compliance requirements.
  3. Proof of Concept
    Stratus10 will build a Proof of Concept (PoC) to ensure the implemented solution works as expected and can integrate into your current deployment and build process.
  4. Deployment in your environment
    Stratus10 will work with your team to deploy the solution in your environment and incorporate it into your deployment process. 
  5. Documentation and Training
    Stratus10 will provide detailed documentation on the solution customized for your deployment use case and work with your team to ensure they understand how to maintain the solution moving forward.

Business Process Understanding

Align the right stakeholders to explain the current image building and application deployment process.

AWS Account Access

Provide Stratus10 personnel with appropriate temporary access to your AWS accounts to implement the solution.

Security Policies and Compliance Requirements

Provide Stratus10 with access to internal security policies and compliance requirements for AMIs.

  • Customized Solution Architecture Diagram(s)
  • Solution Runbook with detailed implementation and maintenance instructions
  • All source code, scripts, templates, and technical artifacts developed for your solution
  • Training session(s) to review the solution and make sure your team understands the implementation



image builder architecture aws
image builder architecture aws

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