Case Study - Highly Available Infrastructure

Highly Available Infrastructure
High Availability

About Boxton:

Boxton builds logistics technology for today's modern Supply Chain. Their cloud solutions enable companies of all sizes to automate international and domestic freight shipments, reduce internal operational costs, run competitive freight bids, and manage shipments end to end. Their overall goal is to take the complexity out of freight shipping by building incredibly easy to use technology that puts control of the logistics process back in the hands of customers.


The Challenge:

Boxton was facing scaling challenges with the initial infrastructure that was hosting their logistics platform. Boxton's client base was growing and they needed to be ready for the projected growth. Scalability, security, and resiliency were of top priority for the company in order to protect existing and new clients and to provide them with a highly available, secure, and high-performance application. 



Stratus10 assisted Boxton by designing and building a secure and reliable solution on AWS. The solution was designed and built using AWS's Well-Architected best practices. It included a three-tier network infrastructure across multiple availability zones and load balancers in order to achieve high availability and scalability. The solution was built using infrastructure-as-code automation which allows Boxton to maintain and manage their infrastructure using best practices. 

In addition, a Security Framework was implemented by using Security Groups, SSL certificates, and AWS best practices for authentication and authorization including IAM policies and roles. 

The resulting solution allowed Boxton to host their application in a highly scalable, secure, and reliable manner in order to support the growth of their user base. 


"Stratus10 offered a fantastic partnership to help us take our AWS infrastructure to the next level. They executed an extremely methodical and professional discovery process to understand our specific company's requirements, and then promptly executed the upgrade plan. Through our partnership with Stratus10 we were able to boost the effective use of our AWS services without increasing our monthly cost, increase the efficiency and load times of our cloud applications by taking advantage of better architecture, improve security and failover, and much more. I highly recommend use of Status10 for growing companies looking to take advantage of great suite of AWS services."

- Joe Caprara, COO - Boxton

Use case: Architecture Design 

Client: Boxton

Date: November 2019

Category: Architecture Design / CloudFront / Networking / Security