Immersion Day: Storage on AWS

Immersion Day Webinar: Storage on AWS
Immersion Day with AWS: Storage on AWS

On-demand Webinar: Storage Primer and Options on AWS

The world’s data will grow by 50x over the next decade, and consequently there will be an ever-growing cost for data. For technology and business leaders, it's critical to manage and control the size, storage, cost, and recovery systems of data in order to run a business with optimized control and minimized costs.

Storage on AWS offers numerous benefits including cost control, vulnerability protection, and recovery options; however, the vast number of storage options available can be overwhelming. 

Dive into AWS storage options and their functions in this on-demand webinar.
Topics include:  

  • Storage primer
  • Block vs. File vs. Object Block Storage
  • Shared File Systems 
  • Object Store
  • On-premises storage integration

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