Ready-to-Go Certified Solutions
Jump-start your cloud journey with a set of customizable solutions designed with security, scalability, and efficiency in mind. Stratus10's ready-to-go Solutions allow you to take advantage of our deep knowledge and expertise in building cloud solutions that follow well-architected best practices.
Ready to Go
Our Solutions are ready to go and can be implemented in a matter of days to allow you and your team to focus on what you do best.
Designed and built based on many years of experience and AWS's Well-Architected Framework, our Solutions utilize best practices and proven techniques.
Our expert team of certified cloud architects will customize the solution to fit your application and infrastructure requirements as well as your business objectives.
Available Solutions
The following solutions are ready to go and can be customized to your needs and implemented within days.
Image Builder Automation
Image Builder Automation

Manage secured Operating System AMIs with our Image Builder Automation solution.

Security & Compliance Kit
Security & Compliance Kit

Accelerate your security adoption with our accelerated Security & Compliance Kit.

AWS DevOps Automation
DevOps Starter Kit

Free your developers with a scalable, well-architected, DevOps process that is custom-built for your application.


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Case Study: Image Builder Automation

Stratus10 created CloudFormation that creates an AWS CodePipeline used to build AMI’s using AWS EC2 Image Builder. The CloudFormation templates deploy the infrastructure that generates new AMIs when there are new commits to a specific branch in a repository like AWS CodeCommit.

Cloud Benefits for Mid-Market Enterprises

The popularity of utilizing cloud technology to host company applications and store company data has been drastically growing. Many enterprises have migrated their on-premise workloads and storage to the cloud, and many new companies decide to start in the cloud. 

DevOps Automation with Stratus10

Stratus10's proven expertise designing and implementing DevOps Automation on AWS makes us uniquely qualified to help companies of all sizes take advantage of optimized Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery solutions as well as build and deployment services offered by AWS.

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