eBook: Store and Protect Your Data with AWS

Store and Protect Your Data on AWS | eBook
Store and Protect Your Data on AWS | eBook title page

eBook: Store & Protect Your Data on AWS

Cloud services enable the digital transformation goals common to so many organizations seeking business agility, data-driven improvements, support for remote workers, and more. This eBook is intended to help decision-makers in small and medium-sized businesses determine whether they can benefit by using cloud services to store and protect their growing repository of data.

You'll gain an understanding of:

  • What a cloud storage service is and the benefits it provides businesses

  • How to compare the cost and effort of scaling on-premises data storage solutions vs. using the cloud

  • How to evaluate whether your business is ready for cloud storage

  • Online and offline storage options including: Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) API, Storage Gateway, DataSync, Snow Family, and more!

With new challenges presented by the proliferation of new data, it's critical to ensure you are equipped to store, manage, and secure it all.

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