Case Study - NFT Platform RFYN Speeds Up Go-To-Market with Managed DevOps - RFYN

NFT Platform RFYN Speeds Up Go-To-Market with Managed DevOps
NFT platform RFYN speeds up go-to-market; NFT art display

Executive Summary

Stratus10 assisted RFYN in creating their AWS infrastructure and CI/CD Pipelines from the ground up using AWS CloudFormation. RFYN is now able to deploy their infrastructure automatically without any manual intervention, and the environment automatically scales with usage. In addition to the infrastructure, Stratus10 built out a complete CI/CD pipeline as a part of the Managed DevOps service, ensuring that RFYN’s deployments can occur quickly and efficiently, and the solution can be reused across RFYN’s environments.


Stratus10 provided the following to RFYN: 

  1. AWS CloudFormation templates 
  2. Automatically deployed AWS infrastructure 
  3. Creation of CI/CD pipelines
  4. Documentation and Infrastructure Diagrams

About RFYN


RFYN wants to help accelerate the mass adoption of blockchain-based applications by providing pragmatic, scalable, and user-centric technology. RFYN’s extensible platform enables brands, right holders, and agencies to quickly create, distribute and support complex smart contracts across a wide variety of use cases.


RFYN was having challenges building out a secure and scalable DevOps process for their application. Without AWS and a fully automated environment, it would hinder their ability to grow and scale their application according to their business needs.

Why AWS and Stratus10

RFYN's solution required a scalable and flexible way to host their new application and deploy updates to their application code. With AWS they were able to meet all requirements to grow and scale their application. 

RFYN sought a provider that would build the initial CI/CD pipelines as well as deliver ongoing Managed DevOps services. As an AWS DevOps Competency holder, Stratus10 stood out and demonstrated to RFYN that they would receive best-in-class expertise for their DevOps process leveraging automation, containers, IaaC, and serverless as well as ongoing assessment and updates. 



  • All infrastructure is automated using IaC technologies
  • The API back end for each environment has been containerized
  • The solution utilizes managed serverless database to reduce cost and provide automatic scaling
  • Continuous integration and delivery pipelines were created to automate build and deployment to dev, staging, and production
  • CloudFront was used to accelerate content delivery globally


    For the infrastructure, CloudFormation templates were written to create all necessary resources for each environment. The templates are parameterized so that they can be reused to create each environment (dev/staging/production), which includes the following resources:

    • CloudFront distributions
    • S3 buckets
    • VPC, route tables, subnets, internet gateways, load balancers, target groups, security groups
    • Aurora RDS clusters
    • ECS clusters
    • ECS task definitions and task roles
    • Auto-scaling roles, targets, and policies
    • Application load balancer
    • Load balancer and container security groups
    • CloudWatch log groups

    AWS CodePipelines were then created to build and deploy RFYN’s application to their environments and deploy their infrastructure.

    Results and Benefits

    By implementing Stratus10’s solution, RFYN was able to host their application in AWS and deploy to their environments automatically with a single commit using CodeCommit, CodePipeline, and CodeBuild. Autoscaling via containers running on Fargate ensure system reliability while reducing unnecessary delays during scaling events.

    Application components utilize various IAM roles to allow for using the “least privilege” principle.

    Using AWS CloudFront CDN, RFYN is able to reliably serve their front-end content to users across regions. Finally, with AWS Cloudwatch, administrators can see pertinent data and actionable insights to monitor RFYN’s website and respond to system-wide performance changes.

    About Stratus10

    Stratus10 is an Advanced AWS Partner Network (APN) Consulting Partner helping companies migrate to the cloud or if they are already on AWS we help them implement best practices. We specialize in DevOps, application modernization, migration, security, and cost optimization to help our clients take full advantage of the latest technologies AWS has to offer.


    Use case: DevOps
    Client: RFYN
    Date: April 2022
    Category: DevOps / Serverless

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