Case Study - Large Dataset & Windows Migration

Large Dataset & Windows Migration
Large Dataset & Windows Migration

About BMT Global:
BMT is a leading international vessel design, engineering, science, and risk management consultancy with a reputation for engineering excellence. 


The Challenge:

BMT Scientific Marine was facing scaling challenges from their data center as they support and supplement the technical teams within the offshore arena, working with renewable energy companies, oil and gas industry majors, independents, national oil companies, and their associated engineering contractors. The data generated from these offshore platforms grew at a rapid pace and needed to be processed in an efficient manner. Additionally, both results and raw data needed to be retained and archived for compliance reasions. Keeping their infrastructure up-to-date with the latest hardware and Operating System was also a struggle as they scaled. 


Stratus10 assisted BMT Scientific Marine by designing a secure and reliable solution on AWS. The solution included a three-tier network infrastructure, core services such as VPCs, VPN tunnels, Windows servers, and Active Directory replicas following AWS Well-Architected best practices. After migrating all VMs running Windows Server 2008 R2 into EC2 instances running Windows Server 2019, Stratus10 assisted BMT Scientific Marine with the creation of a golden image, which they could then deploy continually as new clients signed on board. Ensuring all systems were current with applicable patches was managed by Systems Manager. Lastly, Stratus10 deployed Snowball devices to transport 75+TB of data from BMT Scientific Marine's data center into AWS. All future data sets will be uploaded directly to S3 for processing with offsite tapes being replaced by S3 Glacier Deep Archive. 

Use case: Windows Migration

Client: BMT Global

Date: May 2020

Category: Windows Workload / Migration / Database / Cost Optimization