Case Study - eCommerce Migration - Web Shop Manager

Web Shop Manager
eCommerce Migration - Web Shop Manager

Executive Summary

Stratus10 assisted Web Shop Manager in migrating their on-premise, multi-tenant ecommerce environment to AWS. Infrastructure improvements were made to allow for seamless autoscaling and improved security, and CloudFormation was used to provide Infrastructure as Code. Stratus10 also provided a log aggregation solution leveraging AWS Cloudwatch that will give Web Shop Manager visibility into their applications at runtime. 

About Web Shop Manager

Web Shop Manager provides eCommerce products and services to the automotive parts industry. Hosting approximately 500 customer websites, Web Shop Manager offers extensive product databases and year-make-model research tools. Additional services include customized website design, business development support and related tools to assist their online and brick-and-mortar customers.

Customer Challenges

Outdated systems, scaling inefficiencies and over-provisioned hardware presented numerous challenges to Web Shop Manager. On-premise infrastructure made hardware administration time consuming; lack of reusable methods meant lengthy wait times for new customers, and the departure of a long-term IT employee exposed the absence of company-wide documentation. Manually creating and maintaining new customer environments was excessively time consuming, and the lack of redundancy/disaster recovering planning put customer data and operations at risk.  


Web Shop Manager’s solution requires a scalable, flexible, and secure infrastructure. To do this on-premise would demand a massive investment in hardware, security and personnel, and would likely be a temporary solution, as similar problems would arise again as growth continued. 

By leveraging AWS ECS, CloudFormation, CloudWatch and other services, Web Shop Manager now delivers best-in-class eCommerce solutions optimized for the cloud. The massive upfront investment is now replaced by an affordable pay-as-you-go model. 

Why Stratus10

Stratus10 was the perfect fit to deliver a comprehensive solution for Web Shop Manager that was repeatable and flexible enough to adjust to their client’s demands. Our expertise across the AWS suite of services resulted in the best solution for Web Shop Manager that leveraged services they didn’t even know were available. Stratus10’s knowledge of autoscaling techniques as well as application and database migration services helped Web Shop Manager achieve this environment. Finally, Stratus10 was able to deliver parameterized CloudFormation templates that removed the complexity of creating customer environments.  

Solution Delivered

Stratus10 began by rearchitecting Web Shop Manager’s AWS network. With a stable, well-architected network, Stratus10 began migrating compute and data tier resources over to the new network. With the proper resources in place, and bi-directional communication established between the on-premise network and the cloud network, Web Shop Manager’s clients could begin to be migrated.

Web Shop Manager required a solution that allowed them to migrate individual clients to their new environment with as much automation as possible. Stratus10 provided a migration solution based on Cloudformation to meet these needs. 



Using several AWS services, Stratus10 delivered a solution that began with modifying Web Shop Manager’s network architecture. AWS Direct Connect created a private connection between Web Shop Manager’s on-premise resources and AWS, allowing for increased bandwidth and reliable, consistent network connections. A new VPC, with 4 subnets were created: Public Subnet, Private App Subnet, Private Data Subnet, and Migration Subnet. Each subnet was divided across 2 availability zones for redundancy.

AWS Application Migration Service was used to shift the application servers to a newly created VPC, while the data tier was moved to Serverless Aurora using the AWS Database Migration Service.  Servers were replicated in multiple availability zones to allow for disaster recovery or other unexpected outages. By leveraging both AWS Application Migration Service and AWS Database Migration Service, Stratus10 was able to constantly keep the customer’s on-premise environment in sync with their new cloud environment, and Web Shop Manager was able to to continue operations with their on-premise environment while migrating individual customers onto the new infrastructure. 

Web Shop Manager’s computing layer was enhanced with autoscaling groups, allowing customer’s systems to efficiently react to unpredictable traffic changes. Traffic flow was improved by adding AWS Application Load Balancers, replacing custom reverse proxy host lookup methods.  

AWS relational database service Aurora was utilized to handle Web Shop Manager’s data tier. RDS Aurora has significantly reduced storage costs compared to existing MySQL servers, and also created autoscaling capabilities for the data tier.


Results and Benefits

By implementing Stratus10’s solution, Web Shop Manager has seen improved performance, increased security, and has created a well-architected environment for their clients. By migrating to cloud services, Web Shop Manager’s infrastructure will always be current, as it is now built on extendable services that eliminate unpredictable manual updating. Application components are now segregated, allowing for “least privilege” principles to be leveraged. Autoscaling will ensure system reliability while reducing unnecessary hardware overhead. New clients can now see their website up in minutes rather than days or weeks by Web Shop Manager’s use of CloudFormation templates. Finally, by using AWS Cloudwatch, administrators can see pertinent data and actionable insights to monitor Web Shop Manager’s applications and respond to system-wide performance changes.


Stratus10's close working relationship and continuous engagement model ensured that our migration to AWS was a clear success, and that their ongoing cloud management continues to be advantageous and cost-efficient. Working with Stratus10 helped us launch a highly available and scalable platform while reducing our database maintenance overhead by shifting to RDS, which we would otherwise not have been able to achieve in such a short time.

                               Eric Lawler - Director of Engineering, Web Shop Manager


AWS Services Used

  • AWS Direct Connect
  • AWS Transit Gateway 
  • AWS Database Migration Service
  • AWS Application Migration Service
  • EC2
  • Serverless Aurora
  • ALB
  • Cloudfront
  • EFS
  • ElasticSearch Service


Use case: Solutions Architecture & Migration

Client: Web Shop Manager

Date: May 2021

Category: Migration